In an attempt to continue to promote Techies, I’ve created a YouTube channel with demo songs. Ideally, once rehearsals start, it could be a place to put up videos of actual acting and singing, instead of just recordings, but I’ll work with what I’ve got!

You can check out the YouTube channel here –

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I’ve been a busy playwright! I decided to go ahead and join the Dramatists Guild, joined a social networking site called Stage32 and continued making phone calls. I’m continuing negotiations for productions with two theatres in the Atlanta area, although nothing is solid yet.  I’ve also started researching the cost of producing the show myself, and setting up a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. And I’m still waiting for responses from festival submissions and other theatres. Something will stick soon!

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Submission Websites

I’ve been doing a lot of submissions to local theatres, which involves me scouring the internet for local theatres, calling them up to see if they accept submissions, and checking them off my list.  However, I’ve also been using some submission websites. and have the most up-to-date, accurate list that I can find. And they’re organized nicely by date of submission.

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It was pointed out to me recently that I may have more success getting my musical performed if I had professional representation. That is, an agent. So now I’m researching the possibility. Add to that the possibility of joining Dramatists Guild, and I have many choices to make. The impression I get from the Internet is that the choice to get an agent is split right down the middle – 50% say it’s fantastic, 50% say it’s horrible.

I found some great information about what the Dramatist Guild provides as far as benefits.  It looks like the Apprentice Level is right for me right now.  Basic services include contract assistance, legal help and some industry publications.  I think I’ll go with that.

Still waiting to hear back from some submissions and contests.  I’m also in the beginning stages of negotiations with two theatres in the Atlanta area with very different requirements and different audiences.  It’s sort of slow going, and I can be very impatient.  I would love to have Techies performed at both.

And since I’m always tweaking the website, I’m considering adding the ability to buy Techies sheet music.  You know, for auditions, or to have sing-along time at home with Grandma.  What do you think?

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Still waiting

Still submitting the script to as many theatres and musical theatre competitions I can find. Other than that, not much to share right now. A few updates to the website – nothing major. But I feel it’s the tiny tweaks that make all the difference.

I’m currently working on research for my next musical, which is decidedly different from Techies.

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Another day, another letter

I got another rejection letter today. This one was a letter delivered through the US mail. The letter basically said that they could tell a lot if effort had gone into the musical, but it wasn’t what they were looking for. They were kind enough to return the demo CD, so I can send it to another theatre.

But never fear! I also got two confirmation emails that my materials had been received and were being reviewed. I should hear back from one as early as April.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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The waiting game

Nothing to report right now.  I’ve submitted Techies to approximately a dozen theatres and competitions, and all we can do is wait, and keep submitting to more theatres and competitions.  Hopefully something will stick soon.  I’m keeping open the option of renting a space and putting the show on myself, and inviting fancy theatre directors and producers from the Atlanta area to see it.  The problem with that would mostly be having the cash to do it, since I’d need to rent a space, pay for the utilities and do things like build sets.  So we’ll see.  I’ll keep thinking about it as the year progresses and see where we are.

As I’m waiting for Techies to take off, I’ve started research on another project, so maybe there will be more musicals by yours truly soon!

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New York Musical Festival results

We didn’t make the cut this year.  The email was very nice, with a positive spin – “In fact, a number of our readers felt very strongly about Techies: The Musical! and I sincerely hope you’ll continue working on it and consider submitting again in the future.  It’s with much regret that we turn down many exciting and promising projects each year – but we’re always particularly glad to see return submissions.”  Whether that’s actually true or not doesn’t really matter.  I think it’s an awesome musical (clearly!), so I’ll keep submitting it and trying to get regional exposure.  Maybe someday there will be a Hallmark movie special about it.

So yeah, bummed about not making it into the competition this year, but that certainly opens up the possibilities now of rewrites and working with a theatre to hone the awesomeness.

Now off to find more places to submit to!

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More submissions

I’m continuing to submit Techies to contests and local playhouses.  Normally I don’t name them, but I wanted to share this with you.

When I was ten, my mother took me to audition for a Christmas musical – The York Nativity – at the local community playhouse.  We were living in Aiken, SC at the time.  I had never been in a play before, but after seeing my brother on stage at the Naval Academy, I knew I wanted to try it.

I got a part in the play as a shepherd.  The first day of rehearsal I was handed the wrong script.  Not realizing it, or maybe because I was a polite child, I didn’t say anything.  I learned my lines and learned the song I was supposed to sing.  The shepherd was supposed to imitate the angels that announced Jesus’ birth, but this poor shepherd couldn’t carry a tune.  But the attempt was made.

Well, the week before the show, I got sick.  Really sick.  I missed the entire week of school.  My mother told me we could call the theatre and let them know I was too sick, but I really wanted to perform.  So the stage manager set a bucket for me backstage, and the director told me if I felt like I was going to be sick, to calmly walk off-stage, use the bucket, and go back on stage.  The minute we got to the theatre, I instantly felt better and had a great time.

Fast forward twenty years, and now I’m writing musicals.  I just called the playhouse, and they said they’d be happy to look at my script.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they decide to do it.  How cool and full-circle would that be?

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Still in final negotiation, but it’s looking like there will be two weekends of performances of Techies in February with Which means now I need to find performers, technicians and a director (who may or may not serve as a musical director and choreographer). No solid dates for auditions as of yet, but it’ll be coming up soon!

I’m so so so so so excited!!!

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