The Show


Just behind closed doors, technicians are working hard to finish preparing for the opening night. With the theatre in danger of having it’s doors closed forever, the “techies” pull out all the stops to make the show the best!


Boss, the stage manager
Mr. Sinclair, the director
Mr. Sinclair’s Assistant, the director’s assistant
Emma von Stussen, the diva
Li’l Bit, the hopeful starlet
Buzz, the sound designer and sound board operator
Sparky, the lighting designer and lightboard operator
Molly, another hopeful starlet
Slick, a theatre technician
Gimp, a theatre technician
Smokey, a theatre technician
Twitch, a theatre technician

Song List

Act 1
Techies Main Theme
Pain (reprise)
Secondhand Smoker
Cue-to-Cue Tango
Big Machine
New York
Another Night

Act 2
Hang and Focus
Headset Romance
Cue-to-Cue Tango (reprise)
Headset Romance (reprise)
Costume Change Music
Begin My Life